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6 Ways To Keep Your Car New And Running

Author: Barry Allen

A car is like a friend it can be by your side for ever if you treat it well. All it needs is good care and technology will take care of the rest. All you need to do it learn all you can about the car and its needs. If you make an effort you will save thousands of dollars in repair and maintenance costs. In general Japanese makes are reliable and need less care than American or European cars.

Here are a few tips that will help you take good care of your car:

1. Pay attention to what the maintenance manual recommends and create for yourself a reminder system that will tell you when a service needs to be done or a part replaced. While some things are based on mileage others depend on time used.

2. Create and maintain an emergency or repair fund. Try and put away small amounts towards unforeseen repair costs. In the long run saving to create a repair fund is easier that paying for a new car. Saving steadily will not startle you when an emergency arises.

3. Create a kind of cycle that will tell you to service the car, change oil, undertake anti-rust treatment, or to prepare the car for winter. If you treat the car right you will never have a breakdown or emergency. Keep an eye on what is known as the rust belt and nip any signs of rust in the bud and both the body as well as mechanical parts will stand you in good stead.

4. Be sure to read the car makers website as ell as forums and blogs devoted exclusively to the car model you own. These will help you keep abreast of new developments, news, views, and have access to free advice and help if and when any problem you can solve creeps up.

5. Keep an ear open to strange noises or tics. Develop a nose for new smells, unfamiliar running knocks and noises. As the owner you will develop the instinct that warns you when anything is amiss. Once in a while ask a friend or another car enthusiast to drive the car to judge how it handles. Learn to distinguish the normal from abnormal.

6. When any problem arises replace parts with quality parts and never resort to “quick fixes” these will just lead to deeper waters and not solve any problems. Interiors, electrical fixtures, chrome , and other accessories must be polished and cleaned just as you bath your kids or dogs. Always but quality parts and not parts that are less expensive. Stick to parts and replacements provided by the manufacturer.

Wash, wax, and polish will keep your car new and shining. Learn how to fight and deal with wear and tear especially that caused by weather changes. Always handle your car gently and treat the vehicle with respect. Follow road safety norms and rules and your car will probably out live you.

With good care your car will last well beyond 200000 miles and more. You will not just enjoy the convenience of a vehicle but save lots of money which will be spent on new cars or hired transport.

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