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Before You Buy a Wood Trim Dash Kit

By Dennis Dater

When you look at the dash of your car, are you satisfied or do you wish it looked a little richer. If you like the finer things in life then you should have a wood dash in your car. This dash will give you the feeling that you are are behind the wheel of one of the finer cars in the world, like a Rolls Royce, a Bentley, Jaguar or other prestige automobile.

If your car didn't come standard with a wood trim then you should be considering adding one. These kits are available in a variety of brands, and each company uses different manufacturing techniques and materials in creating their wood dash trim kits.

Before you make a decision on which brand of wooden trim kit you should purchase, there are some considerations you should make.

First of all, what is your budget to improve the interior of your car?

A second decision will you be looking for genuine wood products or will an imitation dash kit work do the job?

A real wood dash just looks richer and it gives a warmer impression, however the new imitation kits are very realistic looking and it is becoming harder to tell the difference.

When choosing a product you can also choose between flat materials or a molded product which looks even better.

Another decision revolves around the method of manufacturing. Products produced using a laser will give you a much more precision fit than other technologies.

Also take a look at the instruction sheet does it make sense? Is it easy to read? Does it look like you can do the installation by yourself?

A critical decision is how the wood dash kit is applied to your car. Some wood dash kits come with a double sided adhesives and this is what I would recommend. Other wood dash kits use adhesives which will you must apply. This can get a little messier and it may not hold quite as well because of gaps in the application.

Other areas to consider include it come with a guarantee? Is the materiel safe with UV exposure or will it fades out over time?

These are some of the additional considerations that you should make before making a final decision.

Dennis Dater has been interested in cars since he learned to drive in a 1952 MG TD. He is opening two unique web sites to offer Honda Accord aftermarket parts. Visit him and see the products or read more articles

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