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Chrome Wheels - A Great Choice to Enhance the Look of Your Car
By Ben Pate

When it comes to your car, we all get very emotionally attached. In the olden days, a cool paint job or a big engine was the primary way to distinguish your car from others. Today the big craze is having chrome wheels. This is a great way to enhance the look of your car. If you take the time to choose correctly from the hundreds of styles, you cannot only improve the appearance of you vehicle, you are actually helping with the performance of it, as well.

When cars were first available on the market, wheels were made of steel. They were very heavy and adversely affected the way your car would handle. Around 1950, auto manufacturers started testing various alloys to improve performance. Over the years, this process has made the custom wheel after market a multi million dollar business. Today, there are hundreds of styles and colors of chrome wheels available using a lighter material that not only looks good, they allow for better handling of your car and will improve your gas mileage.

Some new car dealers will carry a modest selection, but most of the coolest wheels are available online or at auto after market shops. Along with the many available styles you can choose from several colors as the plating can be modified. You will see high chrome finishes, matte/gun metal and black chrome. These choices are broad and your new wheels should match the personality of your car. Many online sites offer a mock up page that allows you to see what wheels would look like on your car, so run through many styles and colors to see which ones you like the best.

We all know that cars are literally part of your personality. When you drive down the street, there is a great satisfaction when someone notices that you have cool chrome wheels. Pride of ownership and vanity play a large part in your choices and well they should. Many people spend more time in their car than they do at their homes! So, be prepared to look at a lot of styles and pick the one that makes you feel the best.

If you are into custom cars or restoring classics, the addition of chrome wheels will be a really nice finishing touch to your work. If you attend car shows, you can see that many of the older custom cars may be all original except for the wheels and guess what? They win!! So, with the right choice in this case, you may drive home with the Best of Show trophy. In older cars, you will experience a nicer ride with chrome wheels as the weight is better and as suspension was not as good as it is in our cars today, you will find your car easier to drive.

Taking care of your new wheels does require some work. As long as you take care of them, they will last for a long time. Use a professional chrome polish and a polishing cloth. Your wheels will get dirty and greasy, so take care. Being as most of these wheels are open, you will also get brake dust on them. Clean them when they are cool and this debris will come right off and you will not jeopardize the quality of the chrome.

Many cars are changing to a bigger size tire, to change the look even more. This is not a bad idea, it is just one that takes some consideration when trying it. Be sure to check to see that a bigger tire can fit in your wheel well and realize that the bigger the tire, the bigger the wheel, therefore, the bigger the expense. You may find that by just adding new wheels to your current size tire will be just what the Doctor ordered to make your car look great.

Your car is one of the largest investments you will make in your life. Taking care of it will make it look better, run better and hold the value better. By adding chrome wheels, you will change the personality, cause some people to stop in their tracks in awe and most importantly make you feel great every time you get behind the wheel, so have fun with your new custom chrome rims.

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