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300 FX

Custom Accessories for the Chrysler 300

There are lots of aftermarket accessories for the Chrysler 300. You do not have to install all the accessories. This is merely a guide – most of the accessories described below are factory upgrade, while the vast majority of the accessories are merely enhancement parts and accessories. The parts and accessories listed below are designed to fit the Chrysler 300 Base, 300 Limited and 300 Touring Editions

Custom Grilles

Sporting a front Grille is perhaps the first step in customizing your Chrysler 300 and the most demanding task of choosing the right Grille. There are over 50 style grilles for the Chrysler 300. The first step in making a good decision is deciding between ABS Plastic and Stainless Steel. The stainless steel Grilles are ….. On the other hand, the ABS plastic grilles are made of durable plastic material and triple chrome plated for a luster and long lasting durability. The question now is which style to choose from? Both styles are very good, but I think the decision will boil down to style and budget. While most stainless steel are long lasting, they tend to be a little pricey. Whereas the ABS Style Grilles are also durable, but are readily affordable

Interior Accessories

After-market enhancement accessories; These Chrysler 300 Accessory Catalog Features Dash Covers, Wood Dash Trim Kits, Custom Floor Mats, Seat Covers, Window Tint, Radar Detectors, Windshield Sun Shields and Key Holders. One thing to note here is that most Chrysler 300 Interior Accessories are designed to protect the interior of the vehicle

Exterior Accessories

This group of accessories are enhancement…it includes Chrome Pillar Post Trim, Stainless Steel Rear Deck Trim, Stainless Steel Rocker Panel Moldings, Window Trim Package, License Plate Bezel, Car Covers, Custom Wheels, Chrome Fender Trim, Body Styling Kits, Chrome Tail Lights Bezel, LED tail Lights, Chrome Headlight Covers, Bentley Headlight Covers, Body Side Moldings, Side Window Visors, Rear Roof Wing, Sunroof Deflectors for vehicles with sunroofs

Factory Upgrade

These groups of accessories are parts and accessories that comes stock with the Chrysler Hemi 300C. Perhaps the most noticeable are the Chrome Door handle Cover and the Chrome Mirror Cover. Another factory upgrade of equal importance is the Bumper Trim. If you notice on the Base, Limited and Touring Models of the Chrysler 300, it is missing the front and rear Bumper Trims. You can easily add a front Bumper Trim and a Chrome Plated Bumper Trim to the rear Bumper. This 3-piece chrome trim requires no drilling, cutting or alteration to install. They offer a simple-do-it-yourself with 3M industrial strength adhesive tape. Body side Molding, chrome window sill, SRT8 Rear Trunk Spoiler, Navigation System

Even though there are lot of Chrysler 300 Accessories available, choose the right parts and accessories that fit your budget, style and above all, choose the right combination that makes sense

Chrysler 300 Accessories - Chrome Door Handle Covers
Upgrade your Chrysler 300 base, 300 Limited and 300 Touring Models with Chrome Plated Door Handle Cover, Chrome Door Handle, Chrome Door Handle Trims, Chrome ABS Door Handle Overlay. Buy reputable brand Chrome Door Handle Cover from Putco, MVP Styling, Chrome EFX
Chrysler 300 Wood Dash Kits
Enhance the interior of your Chrysler 300 Wood Dash Kits, Wood Grain Dash Kits, Exotic Wood Dashboard Trim Kit. Available in synthetic or real wood finish including Oxford Burl, Regal Burl, South American Rosewood and California Burl factory Match. All Chrysler 300 Wood Dash Trim Kits are easy to install with do-it-yourself 3M adhesive tape
Chrysler 300 Custom SRT8 Nameplate Emblem Badges - SRT8
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