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300 FX

New Chrysler 300 Dash Trim Kits

2011-2014 Chrysler 300 / 300C Dash Trim Kits

Upgrade the interior of your new 300 with Chrysler 300 dash trim kits, Chrysler 300 / 300C wood grain dash trim kits. Chrysler 300 dash trims are aftermarket trims designed to improve the interior appearance of your vehicle. Whether you have dash trims installed from factory or simply don't have any, there is a custom design for your ride

Chrysler 300 with wood dash trim kits, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 300C

Chrysler 300 Dash trims offer a luxury look and feel as seen on most high end automobiles. Even if you have factory installed trim kits, there are complementary pieces to complete the job. On the other hand, if your vehicle don't have dash trims installed from factory, this is definitely an ample opportunity to style your own way

There are multiple choices of dash trim finishes available to beautify the interior of your ride. Do not settle for any dash trim finish available. Choose the best trim that matches the interior of your vehicle


Installing the Chrysler 300/300C dash trim kit is easy and simple. The trims are secured to the factory dash with OEM quality adhesive tape. Even though the trim kit features a simple-do-it-yourself installation, it is advisable to gave a professional intall for you, if you don't have the confidence to install yourself

Where to Buy

There are multiple outlets to purchase Chrysler 300 custom dash trim kits. However, if you are looking for a good deal and a perfect-fit, shop comfortable at our online store. We maintain a large inventory of 2011-2014 Chrysler 300 and 300C dash trim kits in stock. In addition, we always have the trims for sale

If you are looking for a simple way to upgrade the interior of your ride, consider installing a set of Chrysler 300 dash trim kit. The trim features a simple way to advance your vehicles' interior from stock to a luxury look in no time

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Upgrade the interior of your whip with Chrysler 300 dash trim kit, Chrysler 300 300C dash trim overlay, 300 300C wood dash kits

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