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300 FX

Chrysler 300 Side Fender Accents

2011-2014 Chrysler 300 Fender Accents

If you’re thinking of improving the sides of your 300, think of Chrysler 300 side fender accent trims. Chrysler 300 Fender Accents are decorative aftermarket accessories designed to enhance or improve side fenders. By design, the accents are non-functional, but constructed to add flares not included from factory. In real meaning, the side accent trims are crafted to improve the appearance of the side fenders without confilcting with factory components.

If you take a close look at the high-end luxury automobiles like the Cadillac Escalades, Mercedes CL Class, Range Rovers or even the Maseratis, you will see the inclusion of fender accents in the form of vents or portholes. Now, you too can perk-up the fenders of your vehicle with Chrysler 300 fender accent trims. Additionally, the trims blends flawlessly to all factory chrome trims.

There are unlimited Chrysler 300 fender accent trims available for sale. The side accent trims are inexpensive to buy. You will not find the trims at the dealer parts department or your local automotive parts department. The trims are available locally or online wherever automotive speciality products are offered for sale

In addition to adding custom look and improving the appearance, the accent trims are easy to apply. Most are secured to the side fenders with OE approved adhesive tape. And as such, there are no cutting or amendment to factory fenders.

Go beypnd the traditional styling. If you wish to bump up your style or simply want to express your personality without spending a lot of money, Chrysler 300 accent trims offers first-class styling without premium pricing. There is a lot to like the Chrysler 300 side accent trim at a likeable price

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