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Pimp your Chrysler 300 with Low-Cost Chrome Trims
By Jojo Brando

In a perfect world, most Chrysler 300 drivers will be happy and content with the stock vehicle direct from factory, but unfortunately, a vast majority of owners and drivers alike are not content or simply just want more. If you are among the few malcontent Chrysler 300 owners that is unsatisfied with the exterior appearance of your ride and want to enhance it, there are lots of aftermarket upscale enhancements at your disposal.

Like the popular saying “not all that glitters is gold”. However, tasteful chrome is all you need to transform your stock Chrysler 300 from basic to hot. Topping the list of aftermarket upscale accessories in my own opinion is the Jenkz designed Chrome Mustache. This is perhaps one of the highlights of new innovations for the Chrysler 300. It has been dubbed as one of the accessories that the manufacturer forgot to include when designing the 300. True dat!

There are abundant aftermarket chrome trim accessories to make your Chrysler 300 look like the top-of-the-line 300C. Some of the add-on upgrades are upscale and petty, but offer astonishing looks that is second-to-none. Among the low cost trims that will help personalize your Chrysler 300 includes chrome pillar post trims, chrome grills, chrome tail light bezels, chrome window visors and chrome rear deck trims. Other chrome trims to consider are chrome rocker panels, chrome headlight and tail light trims, gad door covers and much more

One of my favorite low cost chrome trims for the Chrysler 300 is the full chrome bumper trim. Looking at this trim, it looks like a factory upgrade, but upon further inspection, you will notice that it is a masterpiece. The Chrysler 300 chrome bumper trim is constructed to fit the curves and edges of the front bumper directly below the headlight; Constructed from tough durable ABS material and triple chrome plated making it form fitting to the top of the bumper like OEM Chrome

Another lost cost chrome trim that actually makes a fashion statement for the basic Chrysler 300 is the front and rear bumper trim appliqué. This is actually a factory upgrade trim. It is standard for the Chrysler 300C. The front and rear bumper trims are not the only trim that is an upgrade; the chrome bumper stripes is a simple addition that offers a similar look to the 300C. A striking feature regarding chrome trims is that the trims just don’t glow or bling brightly, they highlight the exterior with more class than ever before!

The unique feature about chrome trim accessories is that unlike solid stainless steel, chrome ABS plastic is not expensive at all. They are affordable and very easy to install. The key to adding low-price chrome trim to your 300 is to add a touch or a full dress-up or a carefully placed piece of chrome trim up a vehicle’s exterior, just enhancing the vehicle

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