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Top Tips For Picking the Best Car Accessories
By Kathlyn Kathie

For a car enthusiast, life would be incomplete and pretty much miserable without attractive car accessories. After all, every Mazda or Porsche that rolls out of the factory looks identical. But you don't want your dream car to look like every other car on the road, do you?

Car accessories enhance the beauty of your car, giving it character, glitz and personality. That's not all. Some car accessories can also help you enhance the performance of your car dramatically. However, purchasing the right car accessories can be a little tricky. Shopping for them is like leaving a kid in the candy store. You just won't know what to pick; and the variety does nothing to help you make up your mind!

Markets across the world are flooded with various car accessories, ranging from the simple ones to the glamorous ones. Typically, car accessories may be divided into two groups:

- Accessories for the interior
- Accessories for the exterior

In the first category, you will find all sorts of accessories to convert the boring interiors of your car into a plush, luxury-laden dream. You could find tailor made seat covers, carpets, mats, steering covers, cargo liners, cargo organizers and entertainment options. The best thing about accessories for your interior is that there is no dearth of choice, in material, make, color and feel. It all depends on your budget. For instance, you could purchase readymade seat covers or custom make them in the color and texture of your desire. Your carpets could cover the entire length of the floor or you can have them custom made for a part of your car. Many car accessories (like the cargo organizer) not only add beauty, they also make the interior more compact and streamlined.

There is a mind-boggling variety of goodies for car exteriors too. One of the most popular car accessories is the wind spoiler. Attachments such as these add a real punch to the look of your car. If chosen well, they also add to fuel efficiency and performance of the car. Another external accessory that seems to be catching popular imagination is window and body graphics. Pillar posts are available in stainless steel and these make your car look stylish and classy. Fender trims and visors can also add to the character of your car. Like I said before, the variety is unbelievable and it is quite easy to get carried away.

So, some of the important things to consider while you shop for car accessories are:
Cost: Make an estimate of the amount of money you can spend on accessories. This is your budget and try to make it watertight.

Need: First, make a list of all the accessories that you want to buy. Then list them according to need. Some accessories are merely for beauty. Others have a purpose. So, list your priority.

Installation: Check out whether the accessories you buy can be installed easily or whether you need the help of an expert for this. This is important because if you install your accessory in a faulty manner, you might as well have flushed your money down the toilet!

Compare: Before you make a purchase, compare costs. Check out dealers both online and offline. This will give you a broad idea of the prices. Then, select someone who enjoys a good combination of customer satisfaction and good costs.

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